2000 – Baseboard electric heating in the basement, first and second floors was replaced with a hot water floorboard radiant system consisting of a zone for each floor.   

2000 – An opening for a door was installed in the kitchen and a zoning approved deck was built for access to the back yard from the first floor. Fireproof walls going about six feet back were part of the zoning requirement. 

2000 — A new rug was installed on the stairs down to the basement and the basement itself.

2001 – A new roof was installed using 0.060” (>1.5mm) thick rubber which is a 30 year life span.

2002 – Work done repairing front steps.

2003 – A half bathroom was installed in the kitchen and the second and third floor bathrooms were upgraded. The master bedroom was also renovated to remove some installed shelving and expand the closet. 

2004 – A fort was built in the back yard along with the spider’s web and cargo net.  

2005 – Replacement windows and a sliding door were installed in the back on the first, second and third floors (and the front on the third floor).  These were triple paned windows that both reduced HVAC needs, but more significantly reduced noise.  

2005 – Triple bunk beds were installed in the front 3rd floor bedroom.  Each bed had its own storage and the ladder was made from a step stool, and built-in chest, and opening.  

2007 – The regulations on replacing front windows can be difficult, and we chose to install indoor storm windows on the first and second floor front which dramatically improved the insulation factor.

2008 – Two walls were removed in the basement area which formed a living room space.  

2011 – Replaced the water boiler block for the heating system 

2012 – We had the rug removed from the first floor front area and up the stairs into the second floor landing and refinished the wood floors in those areas as well as the second floor red room.  

2014 – We installed a new kitchen, black cabinet fronts and island, and poured the penny epoxy countertop.  New dishwasher and refrigerator. (Garbage disposal was installed in 2012.)

2015 – Painted the front of the house